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Today's great high school students and athletes aspire to be tomorrow's college standouts. uScore helps these dedicated high school students maximize their collegiate opportunities by better preparing them for the ACT and SAT.
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ACT & SAT Prep Courses Redefined

uScore is an innovative, online, interactive program that helps high school students, including student-athletes, improve their college admissions and scholarship opportunities.

It accomplishes this by more conveniently and efficiently preparing high school students of all ages for the ACT and SAT tests. This proven test-prep method uses video-based technology to assist in improving every student's test scores. And that is a guarantee.

Goal-driven high school students aspire to be tomorrow's college standouts. But they are usually too busy to study for upcoming, pressure-packed standardized tests. This highly organized, innovative ACT/SAT test program is especially for busy high school students and athletes. Imagine, no more remote visits to expensive, test-prep sites on weekend mornings. After all, who has time for that?

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  • Convenient
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uScore Works With You

As test-prep and study programs, it uses a proven, results-driven methodology to help increase standardized test scores.

There are no short-cuts or simple ways to increase ACT/SAT scores. This means you must commit to the test preparation process. See, nothing replaces doing the work.

The uScore method, simply stated, is a process. It includes:

  • Dedicated, uninterrupted studying
  • Taking follow-up practice tests
  • Obtaining a grade for practice tests
  • Finally, reviewing the incorrect answers
  • Repeating the process

It all starts with you. And with most things, success depends on taking the time to study and then watching the video lessons in the uScore program. A big advantage is that you will be able to study at your own pace.

uScore works because your program is individualized to you. This unique method allows you to use your more time wisely. How? It does not limit you to times when other, remote classes meet. Scheduling around a tutor's time? Not with uScore. As a side benefit, this process helps you learn time management skills.

uScore tests are made up of exact questions and types of questions or problems from previously administered tests. Predictably, you will be ready for many of the actual test questions on test day. But by doing this at home, on your own time, you learn how to take standardized tests.

Once you complete a practice test, you will immediately see the practice test score. There is no drama, no pressure. Take the test and there are your results. But not only are the scores for each section available to you, you can see each question and the error you made if it was incorrect. It is there, immediately.

Then, you review the practice test, watch videos and examples. This process teaches you how to arrive at the correct answers next time. Moreover, this allows you to learn your mistakes and gives you the correct methods for properly preparing for the test. It is as simple as that.

Finally, you repeat this process again and work towards the score increase that you have dedicated your time to achieve.

Are you ready to get started with uScore Test Prep?

Why uScore?

We understand the busy schedule of today's high school students and their families.

Extracurricular activities like athletics, band, clubs, community volunteering, jobs and family obligations take a lot of time. uScore has designed an ACT/SAT test prep program for these busy students. Athletic practices, games, band practice and performances, drama performances, civic leadership and student government roles, and an active social life all consume the time of high school students. The uScore Test Prep program allows these busy students the opportunity to maximize their ACT/SAT test preparation on their time.

uScore also offers an ACT score increase guarantee! Depending on the uScore program you choose, uScore offers a 2-4 point increase guarantee. Please review the different uScore ACT test prep programs for details.

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